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Whispering lies

Have you ever heard something that was so believable that you never questioned its validity? You remember the ‘True and False’ questions on a multiple-choice test? They are crafted just enough to be believable at first glance. But once dissected, you find that there is a small component that isn’t true. But because that one statement is surrounded by truths you believe the entire statement is true. Wrong. And in life, that’s what the enemy or person deceiving you wants you to believe about what happens to you in life and more importantly wants you to act on.

From the beginning of time, the enemy has been fighting against you knowing who you really are, so you never live the full life you were created to live. The themes of life never change, only time and people. Throughout the generations people have dealt with the lies of addictions, abandonment, being abused, loneliness, feeling unloved and so on. We can choose to live in misery because we don’t want to confront the lie that we are ‘good for nothing’ etc. and never change. Or we can learn to forgive ourselves and those who’ve hurt us and release the weight of the lies and the guilt it bears.

Hi! I'm Unique Book

Hi, I’m Unique shows the strength and resilience of a young girl who really didn’t like her name and had a disability that often made her feel alone and unloved. Once she realizes that she is unique and has purpose, she faces life with confidence, optimism and embraces all the possibilities available for her to enjoy life as other children her age. She then seeks to offer comfort and encourage others to know that they too are unique.

Hi! I’m Unique ACTIVITY & Coloring Book

I’m Unique Coloring & Activity Book is a collection of activities designed to promote, stimulate and inspire beauty, confidence, creativity and imagination to discover one’s purpose by exploring all the possibilities. This activity and coloring book include coloring pages, puzzles, mazes, writing and drawing exercises. It makes a perfect birthday or holiday gift for your school age child.