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Meet Patrice

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I recall my seventh-grade teacher encouraging me to continue writing after reading a poem that I had submitted for an assignment. She said that I had potential and should continue to write. I heeded her advice and continued to write throughout my school years. I went on to write articles for the former W.O.W. (Women of the Word) Magazine, several plays for my local church community and numerous unpublished poems. Most of my writings ended up just sitting on my shelf, until now.

Professional work in the juvenile justice system combined with experience working with the children’s ministry in my home church helped me realize that I could positively impact future generations. Moreover, volunteering through the church gave me the opportunity to speak at a local transitional home for women & children and before other community groups. Inspiring them to be confident and courageous so they can become everything God intended for them despite their circumstances.

In a culture that is now challenging the status quo, I want to encourage and motivate others, so they know that their lives are valued, have meaning and purpose. It is time to show young people that it is ok to be transparent and demonstrate our concern & care for their mental & physical well-being. Everyone, including children, want to be heard, feel safe and know that they are loved. While helping them know that they can become the greatest version of themselves knowing that God created them with intent and purpose to positively impact their generation.

Book Overview

Hi! I’m Unique is a book written to inspire children to be brave enough to dream, strong enough to believe and know that nothing is impossible. It encourages them to love themselves just the way they are and be brave and confident of who they are even if it means being different. Being different doesn’t mean you’re less than or inadequate. But it allows your unique strengths, personality and beauty to shine bright.

God sees each of us as unique and created us with intent and purpose. He has a plan for our lives and wants us to share our gifts and talents with the world.

Hi! I’m Unique is an ideal book for bedtime reading and as a tool to encourage, inspire and empower young reader